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Pepe Reina injury: Spanish goalkeeper leaves friendly with calf injury

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He's yet to step on the field in a competitive match for Bayern, but Pepe Reina might be heading to the injury shelf.

Alexander Hassenstein

Bayern Munich played a friendly on Monday. It was the Paulaner Cup! Bayern, once again, walked away with the most important trophy on the calendar! However, not everything went as planned during the match.

Pepe Reina had to be helped off the field after suffering a calf injury during the match. The injury wasn't caused by any contact, and we all know that non-contact injuries are just the worst.

As you can see, we'll get the diagnosis tomorrow. Hopefully, it's nothing serious, but this is why Bayern felt the need to buy a third goalkeeper. If something happens to your number two, you don't want to have to rely on your FCBII goalkeeper making the jump up to the big time. Tom Starke, it just might be your opportunity to sit on the bench in games again.