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Arjen Robben put on a man of the match performance against Hannover 96

The Dutchman was fantastic.

Lennart Preiss

When I sat back to pick the man of the match from Bayern Munich's 4-0 decimation of Hannover 96, I narrowed down my selection to two choices. Would I pick the fantastic runs and finishes from Robert Lewandowski or the quick strikes from Arjen Robben? Well, I made my choice.


The Dutchman gets my choice for the man of the match award from Hannover for his outstanding performance on the day. He was everywhere on the day, forcing Hannover defenders to question every decision they were making. His two goals were the least of what he "deserved" on the day. Robben's harrying performance throughout the match made things a lot easier for Robert Lewandowski up top to find space.

Yes, Arjen Robben has only one move. However, there aren't many teams, if any, in the world that can successfully stop that move for an entire 90 minute match. If Robben wants to go left, he's going to go left. You can't stop him. You can only hope to contain him.

Playing with neither Robben nor Franck Ribery wasn't fun, and I hope that we don't have to do that again for the immediately future. We have Robben back now, and we'll hopefully have Ribery back sooner rather than later. Those two guys are the difference between Bayern being a great team and a triple winning team.

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