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WATCH: David Alaba scores brilliant, swerving goal

David Alaba scored a brilliant, swerving goal against Hamburg to give Bayern Munich the 2-0 lead heading into halftime. You can see Jaroslav Drobny start to his left, only for the ball to suddenly change directions on him. He dives in an attempt to stop the knuckler, but he has no chance.

One could make the argument that Drobny should've done better to keep the ball out of the back of the net, and it sounds like the commentator in the video above is trying to do just that. But, why do that when you can admire the wonderstrike from David Alaba. The guy is fantastic.

He has a history of scoring this long range goals from the middle of the field for Bayern, so it's quite a wonder as to why nobody on Hamburg thought to run toward him in an attempt to stop the shot by any means necessary. The one that stands out the most was the first minute goal against Juventus in the triple-winning season.

Alaba has enjoyed the free role that Pep Guardiola has assigned him this season. He's been stellar..

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