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Bayern Munich vs. Werder Bremen: Community Ratings and Man of the Match

The BFW community has spoken and math says that Philipp Lahm was stupendous on Saturday

Alexander Hassenstein

What happens when your captain scores goals eleven and twelve to bring his average up to a goal a calendar year for his Bayern Munich career?

He gets the richly deserved Man of the Match honors as the community voted Philipp Lahm Man of the Match with a whopping aggregate score of 4.86. That vote is joint tops with Arjen Robben's performance in Matchday 1 against Wolfsburg as the highest single game rating for any Bayern Munich player this season. That that mark came with a standard deviation of just 0.44 shows just how much everyone was impressed by Lahm. It was certainly a dominant performance and it was rewarded appropriately by you, the readers.


Player Rating. Std Dev.
Philipp Lahm 4.86 0.44
Mario Götze 4.72 0.65
Xabi Alonso 4.45 0.97
Thomas Müller 4.05 0.72
David Alaba 4 0.96
Arjen Robben 3.73 0.69
Jerome Boateng 3.69 0.79
Manuel Neuer 3.67 0.88
Pierre Hojbjerg 3.57 0.82
Dante 3.48 0.88
Franck Ribery 3.46 0.75
Rafinha 3.4 0.82
Juan Bernat 3.32 0.66
Xherdan Shaqiri 3.31 0.84


Rounding out the other extremely impressive Bayern Munich performers were Mario Götze and Xabi Alonso. That they were the other goalscorers on the day is not surprising. David Alaba earned plaudits as he was one of the most impressive players on the pitch, earning a 4 despite only appearing for 45 minutes.

The rest of the lineup came in rating somewhere between average and above average, testament to both how impressive Bayern Munich were on the evening - or maybe that's testament to how abject Werder Bremen were. The ratings even liked Xherdan Shaqiri who earned a rating above 3  (or average) for the first time in weeks!

The abjectness of Werder Bremen though definitely manifested itself in the ratings for Manuel Neuer. The Bayern Munich goalkeeper took a definite dip, earning a rating below 4 for the first time in several weeks. Not having to face a single shot from Bremen and spending your day loitering around trying to imagine what In-N-Out burger tastes like is definitely a hard sell in a ratings system. I'd bet Manuel Neuer tried his best though. Maybe more mid-game heading drills with Thomas Müller will win the voters over next time.

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