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Mesut Oezil to Bayern Munich transfer rumors: addressing the elephant in the room

Mesut Oezil to Bayern Munich rumors are back, again again again (repeat ad nauseum). Let's get a little introspective this time.

Lars Baron

Mesut Oezil. Bayern Munich. Ugh.

These rumors never seem to stop. They've ranged somewhere between continuous and incessant for the better part of a decade(?) now and Mesut Oezil still isn't a Bayern Munich player.

And it's always the same story. Oezil is a sad panda of some sort. Mesut Oezil plays for the German national team. The German national team is usually 1/3 Bayern Munich players. Mesut Oezil is going to Bayern Munich because this is where the best German national team players play. It's the same kind of stupidly dumb logical fallacy/problem that drives a college freshmen taking Introduction to Logic to end up staring through an empty bottle of vodka on a Wednesday night before urinating off their balcony onto someone's car.

It's also this elephant in the room given we know it's an example of transfer rumor idiocy at it's finest, but it's something we all stare at like it's the sun. Eventually we're just going to go blind and numb and accept that it's there to our collective chagrin. I think we passed that stage somewhere between 2 and 3 years ago. The most recent spate of rumors from the Daily Mail and the accompanying click-baiters are just more of the same. It's now even more fashionable to run them given that Oezil plays for Arsenal and they can capitalize on a narrative fear surrounding Arsene Wenger.

It's never really made sense for Mesut Oezil to join Bayern Munich for a variety of reasons independent of actual fit on the team.The list of reasons this won't happen NOW range from Oezil's €50M transfer tag just over a calendar year ago, his presence as the predominant playmaker for Arsenal, to the fact that he is under contract for the next 3.5 years. Oh, and Bayern Munich's relative abundance of central attacking midfield and overall creative wealth might enter the equation somewhere.

Now that my brain has had it's say, please allow my heart to force my brain to force my body to stare at the sun again. It's a very pretty sun too...

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