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Bayern Frauen upset Turbine Potsdam

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Bayern earns a historic win on the road against Potsdam.

Alex Grimm

Bayern Munich Frauen defeated Turbine Potsdam 1-0 to move into second place in the Frauen-Bundesliga. The goal came from captain Melanie Behringer on a penalty kick in the 56th minute.

Coming into the match, only one point separated the teams in the league table and the anticipation for the match had been building all week.

The game began with Potsdam holding much of the advantage. Bayern got their first big chance when Vanessa Burki had a close range shot in the 31st minute. The first half ended scoreless and neither team made any changes.

Bayern got a huge chance in the 56th minute when the referee called a handball on Potsdam. Behringer lined up to take the kick and easily made it to take the lead. The goal stunned the home side and gave the reds a huge boost.

Late in the game, Bayern kept pushing to increase their lead. All efforts failed though as Potsdam's defense stopped most chances.

After a tense extra time, Bayern escaped with a historic 1-0 win. This is the first time that Bayern has won in Potsdam since 2008. The win keeps Bayern Frauen undefeated and also moves the squad to second place in the Frauen-Bundesliga, two points behind league leader Wolfsburg.

This win is a huge moment for Bayern. Seven matches into the Frauen-Bundesliga season and they have 17 points and are in second place. The top two teams in the league qualify for the Champions League, and Bayern has already faced last years top two teams on the road. Four points against Wolfsburg and Potsdam will make the rest of 2014 smoother.

Next Sunday, Bayern Munich Frauen returns home to face SC Freiburg.