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Bayern Munich on transfer deadline day: Don't expect any deals

It's the final day for the January transfer window. Will Bayern Munich see any deals completed?

Lennart Preiss

For people that follow world football, January 31 fills you with a certain feeling. If you're a smaller club, you always know that a bigger one could come and poach one of your best players up until the final minutes, and the bigger clubs know that they could make a big signing at any point. Those clubs stuck in the middle have to deal with both emotions. It can be a trying time for all.

So, we must ask ourselves, as supporters of Bayern Munich, what kind of emotion will we have on the final day of January 2014? Are you going to sit back and expect Bayern to make a purchase on the final day? It's not happening. Or, do you want to be one of those that sit panicking until the final second ticks off the clock that someone will swoop in and buy one of the players? I doubt it'll happen. I'm choosing to just enjoy the show that takes place in England where their teams overreact to every little thing and make rash signings year after year.

If you want to be one of the ones that sits back and panics, there are only three FC Bayern players that have been heavily (I use that word very loosely here.) linked with moves away from Munich. To be fair, most of those links have been in English newspapers (Which we've talked about here and openly mocked.), so its tough to take many of them seriously. I'm going to make a prediction here, and it's not even very bold.

Toni Kroos, Dante, and Mario Mandzukic will be Bayern Munich players when the transfer window closes tomorrow. Sorry Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, and every other club in the world. You can't have any players right now.

There. That's out of the way. Let's move on to more productive things.

Obviously, everyone is quite aware that the club loaned Jan Kirchhoff to Schalke. There is also the possibility that we we see some younger players loaned out for the Rückrunde in order to get some playing time. The best candidates are Pierre Højbjerg, Mitchell Weiser, and Patrick Weihrauch. It would be very surprising to see Julian Green, Alessandro Schöpf, or Ylli Sallahi with FC Bayern II fighting for promotion to the 3.Liga. In fact, don't be surprised when none of them leave on loan this window.

Enjoy the final day of the transfer window. Are there any moves that have stood out to you so far? Are there particular moves that you want to see happen? Don't you enjoy the panic buying that takes place in England today while their fans act like the season depends on making the perfect move just before the deadline?

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