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FCB Frauen 2-1 SC Freiburg | Recap

Setpieces all-important in season's first victory.

Matthias Kern

After their encouraging start to the campaign against Wolfsburg, the match favorites had both eyes on grabbing three points out of their first home game from SC Freiburg at their new ground, the historic Grünwalder Stadion.

The first quarter of an hour saw both teams battling for the upper hand in the midfield, with only the most speculative of chances being created by either side.

The match then seemed to open up as Bayern began working the ball on the flanks more and more, and it was one of their moves down the right side of the pitch that won a corner in the 22'. It was taken short and nearly scored by Vanessa Bürki, whose attempt was deflected for another corner.

The next corner was taken long into the box, and was lofted towards the near post where a Freiburg defender's attempted clearance turned out to be the perfect pass to Lena Lotzen, who made quick work of the fortuitous deflection and clinically put away her header to take Bayern into the lead.

Little more than ten minutes later, another setpiece won on the right hand side of the pitch was crucial in Bayern's second goal.

Laura Feirsinger was sprinting down the touchline when she was fouled by two SCF players and awarded a free kick roughly ten yards from the right 'elbow' of the box. Katharina Baunach delivered a ball once again towards the near post, where Amber Brooks had managed to gain a favorable position on her marker.

The American (who incidentally had her mother among the 1,500 spectators looking on) scored a diving, or rather falling, header back to the near post with more than enough power on it to beat Freiburg's goalkeeper Benkarth.

Minutes into the second half, Freiburg's only goal was the result of another setpiece, a corner which Sandra Starke sent past Längert.

The rest of the clear-cut chances were Freiburg's, but none were able to send them level and Bayern gladly walked away with all three points.

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