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"Alaba", a song about David Alaba by Austrian rapper Mirac

Austrian rapper Mirac wrote an awesome song about David Alaba.

I know that everyone is still a little upset that we've lost the Mario Gomez Button with the departure of the center forward to the Italian Serie A club Fiorentina. Pressing that button after every Gomez goal was fun, and there were 113 opportunities for all of us to celebrating.

Yesterday, when I was cruising the Internet I stumbled upon this song by Austrian rapper Mirac. It's about his fellow countryman David Alaba. Well, I won't lie to you, but when I discovered the YouTube video on Wednesday night, I may have listened to it about ten times. Wait, was it fifteen times? I'm not sure. I listened to it many times, and I can't stop.


I must admit that I have absolutely zero idea if any of the lyrics to this song are NSFW (not safe for work for those of you that live under a rock), because I don't speak German. Yeah. If they are, I'm sorry in advance.

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