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Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeneß charged with tax evasion

Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeneß has been officially charged with tax evasion.

Martin Rose

After months of news and speculation, German prosecutors have officially charged Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeneß with tax evasion. Hoeneß' lawyers have up to one month to respond to the charges. At that time, it will then be decided if the case will go to trial.

Even though Hoeneß has payed the full amount that was owed to the tax office since the "oversight" was discovered, the charges are still being handed down due to his failure to report the Swiss bank account. It is expected that since Hoeneß has cooperated in the process that he will be eligible for just a heavy fine and a suspended sentence.

Now that the charges have been made official, we'll have to see if the club's resolute stance of keeping Hoeneß remains, after he offered his resignation. Back in May, BFW's own Scott Schroder wrote that, in his opinion, Uli should be removed from his position at the club due to the standards that have been set over the years by Bayern.

When the time does come, I think that those making such decisions will recognize (or already have) what I have and what many of other fans have as well: Bayern does not have such high standards for ourselves because we win, we win because we have high standards.

What do you think? Should Hoeneß stay?

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