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The Bayern Bulletin: Hoeneß to Escape Incarceration? Thiago, Gómez Unveiled in New Colors

Months of bad news has mounted the tax evasion case against Uli Hoeneß, but finally a report comes to light that he could avoid jail time altogether. Thiago Alcântara speaks for the first time since his Sunday Transfer to Bayern Munich, and Florence unveils their new attraction, Mario Gómez

Boris Streubel

Report: Uli Hoeneß Could Sidestep A Prison Sentence

Just a week ago, Cologne law expert Jan Heeg told Bild that Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeneß could face up to five years in prison, 10 at the very worst. There now seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Spiegel has gathered information that suggests that Hoeneß could avoid jail time altogether. Instead, the 61-year-old may be able to negotiate a two-year parole period.

How? Well, that is a little harder to explain.

According to the report, Hoeneß owes around €3.2 million in back taxes, which was in a January 12 amended tax return. However, €2.3 million could be outside the statute of limitation, which according to Spiegel is five years. That means, the only relevant portion of the back taxes could be €900,000.

The Supreme Court in Germany put into law in 2012 that back taxes over €1 million results in a sentence without parole. That means that he could argue that he is under that threshold, giving him the option of parole.

Spiegel also says that the proceedings of the trial should begin in September, and the case must be resolved in a criminal court in Miesbach, where investigators searched his house in March.

Yes, this is a report that does not reveal sources, so who knows how much of this information is true. Yes, despite the fact that he may escape his tax evasion with merely parole is still not good news.

Consider, though, the pessimism around Hoeneß for the longest time. If this report is in fact true, it would be fantastic news for Hoeneß and all of his supporters.

Thiago: "I'm thrilled to be at a massive club like Bayern Munich"

Thiago Alcântara's name has been tossed around like a sack of potatoes at a potato chip factory. He is now in Munich, ready to wear just red instead of red and blue or cream-sickle orange.

The 22-year-old, who transferred to did an interview with FC Bayern News and, and the FC Bayern Official Website posted the highlights from the highly sought after midfielder.

If I had to guess, he seems happy to be here.

"I'm really looking forward to it and I'm extremely happy. If there’s a day in your life when you can be completely happy, today is one of those days. I'm thrilled to be at a massive club like Bayern Munich."

- Thiago Alcântara

Pep Guardiola made it clear last Thursday that Thiago was his man, his catch phrase being "it is either Thiago or no-one." It was high praise for the youngster, who scored three goals in the UEFA U-21 Championship.

Thiago admitted that Pep factored into his decision to come to Bayern.

We've known each other for a long time, and he's a coach who has placed great faith in me. I'm a huge fan of the way he likes football to be played. There aren't many coaches in the world with his ability. He was definitely one of the important reasons for me making the move to Munich.

Bayern now have the most notarized midfield logjam in Europe, but one has to guess, Guardiola did not ask for a €25 million transfer only to stash that player on the bench.

Gómez: FC Bayern "the best club in the world right now"

Two seasons ago, he was a center piece of the FC Bayern attack. Last year, he was in a time-share with Mario Mandžukić. Next season, he is in purple instead of red.

Super Mario the plumber, meet Super Mario the striker.

AS Fiorentina debuted their toy upfront today, as Mario Gómez met with the Italian media for the first time on Monday. He did not speak much about his exit from Bayern, but he did mention that Bayern are "the best club in the world right now."

He more lauded the team he is joining, which is to be expected from an introductory press conference.

"I'm very, very proud and happy to be here. It's a very special day for me. I wanted to come here for weeks and today that day has come. I've seen all the commotion in the stadium. It's overwhelming. I'm at a beautiful club and we all now want to do our best."

"I always said that, if I left Germany, I would either go to Italy or Spain. Over the past few weeks and months, when I realised I would be leaving Bayern, I considered what was best for me and my family. The club worked really hard and put lots of energy into signing me. They kept their word and I kept mine, and I'm very happy to be here.

"I've fulfilled my big dream to win the Champions League and I was open and ready for something new. Fiorentina made it clear they have ambitions in the league and want to take a step forwards. They came fourth last year and want to be even more competitive in Serie A and also in Europe next season."

- Mario Gómez via ESPN FC

Gómez noted the role that Guardiola played in his transfer, as the two apparently discussed his impending home. Guardiola convinced him that joining the Viola was the right choice.

"I spoke with Pep Guardiola and he told me that the football this team plays is the most beautiful and best and most attacking, and that's why I am here. I love playing football and that's why I came here. I want to enjoy playing my football and that is what I was offered here, and of course the city is beautiful and Tuscany is also beautiful.

- Mario Gómez via ESPN FC

The Daily Mail has already reported that Stevan Jovetić is on his way out of AS Fiorentina, with Manchester City purchasing his services after they lost out on Sevilla's Álvaro Negredo. That is a power up for Super Mario, as he aims to help place Fiorentina in the top three in Serie A.

That begs the question: who would you rather have right now? A 28-year-old Mario Gómez? or a 22-year-old Thiago Alcântara? Vote below and tell us what you think in the comments!

As always, if you have any rumors, news, complaints, or feedback you'd like to submit, it is strongly encouraged.

Mia san mia! And thanks for reading.

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