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Writer Forum: Götze's Arrival Will Lead To Who's Departure?

The Götze domino has fallen, and now the German National is on his way to a German giant. So which domino is the next one to fall? Robben? Gómez? Pizarro? Our writers give their take...

Lars Baron

Ryan Cowper: Claudio Pizarro

With the incoming Mario Götze, Pep Guardiola brings in a player who can play both as a center attacking midfielder and as a forward. This bodes ill for either a central striker or a center attacking midfielder. The odds of Toni Kroos, Thomas Muller and Mario Mandžukić being moved are nearly zero, leaving the pair of Claudio Pizarro and Mario Gómez as the likely men out. Without looking at contract info, Claudio Pizarro’s skillset allows him to play both as a striker or a center attacking mid, and replacing him with Mario Götze is a skillset replacement for everything Pizarro can do and more. Mario Gómez’s skill-set is the traditional striker skill-set which is unmatched by any other player on the Bayern squad, and despite theories and speculation to the contrary, I do not expect Pep Guardiola to shed one of the world’s best strikers for purely ideological reasons related to a perceived notion he he will use a false 9. This coupled with the end of Claudio Pizarro’s contract this season, leads him to be the obvious choice for leaving this summer.

Samrin Hasib: Arjen Robben

I believe it is Arjen Robben who will be most affected. Kroos has all the silky skills required to be a perfect Guardiola player. Thomas Muller is an expert at interpreting space and can play as a winger perfectly. Gomez is the big center forward that Guardiola wanted but could not get because the lack of discipline of his center forwards. Robben, due to his past selfishness, despite his excellence, could be on his way out. Kroos will be affected too as he might be forced to play second fiddle to Mario Götze and could be on his way out but perhaps it is Bayern's savior of 2009-10, Robben, who could see his longest spell at a big club come to a premature end.

Scott Schroder: Arjen Robben

Götze or no Götze, Tymoshchuk was on his way out (two FCB Tymo kits I can never wear the same way again, sigh) but it looks like the midfield will remain fairly intact otherwise, with Toni Kroos signing a recent long-term extension. Given Kroos was the main candidate for having to make an exit for many, including myself, his new contract confirms that Müller will be likely assuming a position on the wing forcing Arjen Robben to leave, and numerous Serie A teams have already been linked with the Dutchman. My guess is that Pep and all relevant parties determined that, with his age and injury history, Arjen is the biggest liability and decided to stop building a team around his untouchable position on the right wing. Of course, if he wants to stay and fight for a position with Müller he will be more than welcome to, but as someone who is not content to sit on the bench, even that situation wouldn't last past the winter break or next summer at best

Davis VanOpdorp: Arjen Robben

I see a shuffle board switch with the lineup with Götze coming to Bayern. Götze has played a lot in the middle, so he could very well slot in there. That means Kroos would probably sit or play a holding midfield road, and Müller would move over to the right, where he has played when Kroos was healthy. Ribéry will stay on the left, unless he forgets how to dribble by right backs. So who is left out? Arjen Robben. Mario Gómez is another likely to see the door, but I only see him departing if Bayern signs another striker or decide to put Götze up top. Robben has already been linked to exits in the pass, so he seems most likely to me.

Well, enough from us. Who do you think will be on their way out with Götze on his way in? Vote and comment below.

From all of us, thanks for reading.

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