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Writer Forum: Dante's Partner, Boateng or van Buyten?

Dante has played the majority of the games in the center of the park all year. What has changed is his partner. Jérôme Boateng and Daniel van Buyten have been exchanging spots all year. Here's who the BFW writers think should start.

Alex Grimm

Ryan Cowper: Daniel van Buyten

The aerial ability of Van Buyten is going to be needed in clearing danger out of Bayern's box. This is going to be a concern both from open play, as well as from set pieces as Dortmund excels at putting balls into the box in both ways. While Lahm and Alaba are both more than capable of deterring or stopping the majority of the crosses from open play, the aerial prowess and positional awareness of both Dante and Van Buyten is going to be called upon. While Boateng is also an adept aerial defender and brings a faster pace, I believe he gets edged out by DvB by virtue of superior positioning.

Also, Van Buyten name is going to be so much more fun to listen to when Gus Johnson just mutilates it on air.

Samrin Hasib: Jérôme Boateng

I have been a Bayern fan for a long time and I have witnessed the ups and downs of Daniel Van Buyten's long career in Bayern. Jurgen Klinsmann benched him. Louis Van Gaal revived him only to see him and Demichelis give away two shocking goals in the Champions League final in 2010 (even though that could be blamed more on Van Gaal's approach than anything). Van Buyten has all the attributes of a great defender; he reads the game so well. But the one thing he lacks is what Jerome Boateng has in abundance, may be because he is the younger man. It's called speed. Boateng's speed was vital against Barcelona in the semifinals. Dortmund's entire attack consists of speedy players. Despite the fact that Van Buyten was involved in the 1-0 win in the Pokal, BVB will be giving more in this clash. While Boateng has more 'brain farts' than Van Buyten does, his speed gives the German the edge. My pick out of the two is the well spoken and decent Boateng brother.

Scott Schroder: Daniel van Buyten

My reasoning is simple here. Daniel is tall and tall people help on corners in Champions League Finals provided Lahm decides to actually mark his man instead of ball watching.

Davis VanOpdorp: Daniel van Buyten

He may be 35, he may be slower than Uli Hoeneß right now, and he may need a haircut. There is a reason, though that van Buyten has made six starts in the UEFA Champions League so far and Boateng has only made one. He is a savvy, instinctual player that has good man-marking skills and never gets caught out of position. Boateng, as young and as fast as he is, can make that mental mistake in crucial situations (Exhibit A: who was marking Didier Drogba on the corner in the 88th minute last year? Hint: he had a haircut). Daniel van Buyten has earned this, what could be his final game in his Bayern career.

That's enough from us. What do you think? Vote in the poll and comment below!

From all of us, thanks for reading.

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