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Bayern Munich extend contracts of American trio Amber Brooks, Sarah Hagen, and Niki Cross through next season

With the season over, Bayern moved quickly to secure the services of a trio of Americans. Amber Brooks, Sarah Hagen, and Niki Cross all received one year contract extensions.

Dennis Grombkowski

As you can see, this is a subject that we haven't broached yet. With a blog about Bayern Munich entitled Bavarian Football Works, why are we not covering all of the football teams under the Bayern Munich name? Starting today, BFW will begin covering the women, reserves, and youth teams at Bayern. The updates will not be as frequent as they are for the full men's team since those are more readily available, but we will strive to provide you with the best coverage of the football teams wearing the trikot of Bayern.

Bayern Munich announced today that they have signed three of their four American players to contract extensions through the end of next season. Amber Brooks, Sarah Hagen, and Niki Cross will all return for another year at Sportpark Aschheim.

"This is extremely important for us, because we saw this season just how important the American group is," said Bayern's manager Karin Danner. "Sarah Hagen is a top striker, Amber Brooks is a pillar in our midfield, and Niki Cross is a fixture in defense."

With the start of the National Women's Soccer League in the USA this year, all three players had the opportunity to return stateside and continue their careers, but they've decided to stay in Munich for at least another twelve months. The other American in the squad, Gina Lewandowski, is under contract through the end of the next season.

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