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Franck Ribery is not mad at Jerome Boateng over the beer

Debunking a ridiculous column in England's Daily Mail newspaper.

Lars Baron

England's Daily Mail tabloid ran a story after the weekend's title celebrations that was based in zero fact and presented it as if it was. I won't link to the story here to avoid giving them anymore traffic, but I will give you the gist of the story.

As you know, Franck Ribery is a Muslim and avoids alcohol of any sort due to his religion. They ran a story of how Ribery was "pissed off" at Jerome Boateng for pouring beer on him during the celebrations and that he would never talk to Boateng again! Why would the Daily Mail be trying to stir up controversy on the eve of a massive match for Bayern that takes place a little over a week from today in --- you guessed it --- London? Because they're awful, that's why.

Jerome took to Twitter today to dispel this falsehood.

Stop trying to create controversy over this, English journalists.

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