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Franck Ribéry and Matthias Sammer to Engage in Push-up Contest.

Die Roten may have won the Bundesliga, but they have their sights on much more. Franck Ribéry and Matthias Sammer added a little extra incentive to win the Champions League.

Martin Rose

How would you inspire a team to win the treble? Well, Franck Ribéry and Matthias Sammer have come up with a little incentive program to push the team to win the Champions League Final at Wembley

According to Sport Bild, Ribéry and Sammer will undergo a push-up contest if FC Bayern München win the Champions League. Ribéry might get the early favorite votes, but do not count Sammer out. Sammer claimed that he can do between 70 and 80 push-ups.

"If it should come, I can take it upon myself that I will be well prepared," Sammer told Sport Bild. "I don't know if Franck can withstand the stress."

Sport Bild claims that this came about when Ribéry did push-ups during a goal celebration in a 3-1 win against Villarreal in 2011. This was his justification for it then:

"I had already told my brother before the game that if I scored a goal, I would do three push-ups for him."

The challenge has been given, and the goal has been set. It gives us all an extra incentive to want die Roten to win the Champions League. I mean, how cool would it be to see Sammer and Ribéry do push-ups against each other?

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