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FC Bayern kibosh Robert Lewandowski agreement rumors

FC Bayern responds to the rumors of a contract agreement with Robert Lewandowski. They say nay.

Joern Pollex

Rumors that Robert Lewandwoski has a contact agreement with FC Bayern have been circulating for days following statements from Enrqiue Reyes, Jupp Heynckes agent. Late yesterday, the news began intensifying as Maik Bathel, Robert Lewandwoski's agent made the following comments to BILD

"We have reached an agreement with another club and intend to switch clubs this summer,"

This statement coupled with the previous days quotes led many to perhaps believe in the very strong indication that the Polish striker was packing his gear and heading south come summer.

But hold on there Nellie! Rumors are just rumors, and perhaps those people who know a thing or two about this thing should chime in before we saddle up and ride off into the sunset with our shiny new striker. Earlier today FC Bayern rolled out the rumor wagon, set up shop and began preaching to the people with this fantastic tidbit.

"In response to various reports regarding Robert Lewandowski, FC Bayern issues the following statement: contrary to these reports, FC Bayern has no contract with Robert Lewandowski."

Kiboshed. FC Bayern München has no contract agreement with Robert Lewandowski. Plain and simple.

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