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Borussia Dortmund Rejects FC Bayern's First Publicized Bid for Lewandowski

Bayern reportedly sent an offer to Dortmund for Robert Lewandowski of €25 million. Dortmund allegedly rejected the bid, hoping to keep the Polish international after his contract expires in 2014. There seems to be some sort of deal in place for Lewandowski, although it is still a mystery as to what it is.

Lennart Preiss

Well, it turns out that Enrique Reyes had some of his information right, but not entirely.

A representative of Robert Lewandowski, Maik Barthel, said this on Thursday to Sport Bild:

"We have agreed with a club, and we plan to transfer in the summer."

That certainly supports what Ryan Cowper highlighted yesterday. and so does another quot from Cezary Kucharski, a former Polish international who also represents Lewandowski. He said this on TVP Info in Poland, according to Sport Bild:

"I can assure you, that Robert will play at an even bigger club next year. Before we release official information about it, I hope that the clubs agree with one another."

That being said, there is no transfer deal with die Roten in place. FC Bayern, according to Spiegel Online, have made a formal offer to Borussia Dortmund for Robert Lewandowski. Bayern made a €25 million proposal "last Saturday" for the Polish striker, and Dortmund has already rejected the offer. An official written rejection is expected in the coming days.

All signs from the German media point to Dortmund trying to hold on to Lewandowski even beyond when his contract expires in 2014. The Süddeutche Zeitung took a Sky quote from Chief Executive Officer Hans-Joachim Watzke:

"It is the explicit wish that he stays with us. The transfer fee is an entirely secondary quantity; that absolutely does not interest us."

The quote from Watzke can really say two things; the offer of €25 million was not enough and/or there is no price tag high enough for Dortmund to sell Robert Lewandowski at this point.

Spiegel Online also quoted a source from FC Bayern, and this is what he said:

"We will continue to make an effort to bring Lewandowski to Munich in the coming season."

"BVB is not going to take this chance with Lewandowski. The player wants to transfer, and no club in the world wants a discontent striker."

Again, the second quote has two interpretations: the source could be saying Dortmund will not want to chance being without Lewandowski next season (aka do not want to sell him) or Dortmund do not want to chance not retaining him when his contract expires. From context, I would say that the second option is true, but that is open for interpretation

What is clear is that Bayern also seem pretty confident that they will get a deal done, for Spiegel Online is also reporting that Bayern representatives are going to the May Bundesliga game in Dortmund to finalize the Lewandowski transfer.

Right now, all this seems like a Dortmund said, Bayern said situation, but there are a few big takeaways from all of this: Lewandowski has made some sort of agreement with some club that is nameless (hint hint), Dortmund does not want to sell him, and Bayern seem very confident that they are going to sign him.

As I do after most of my articles, I want to here from you, which many of you have already commented about: Should Bayern transfer for Robert Lewandowski? Vote and comment below.

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