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Uli Hoeneß to be at the First Game of Champions League despite Tax Problems

Despite tax investigation, the Bayern President will in Allianz Arena when FC Bayern Munich take on FC Barcelona in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League Semifinal.

Alexander Hassenstein

Normally this would not be big news for the Bayern President, but given his recent tax situation, it is worth noting.

The German Revenue Administration, for those of you who have not been following this story fully, is investigating Uli Hoeneß for tax evasion. The investigation is centered around a Swiss bank account.

Despite how national this story has gone in Germany, especially after comments from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Hoeneß said that he will attend Tuesday's game, according to SportBild. He also said that he has no intention of stepping down as President of the Rekordmeisters.

"I will be in the stadium again against FC Barcelona," Hoeneß said.

One thing that is being under-reported is the support he has gotten, especially from sources you wouldn't normally expect. Spiegel has an article highlighting endorsements from former German National Team manager Berti Vogts and former Bayern attacker Lukas Podolski.

Vogts: "I will always stand on the side of Uli Hoeneß. He is such a good man, who always inserts himself for the people. I will not comment on all other things."

Podolski, currently with Arsenal: "I find it not ok, that so many to judge so early a man who has done good for so many people and the club's tradition. We all make mistakes, just as well me and you all too."

What I am very curious about is what you all think of this story. Is Uli Hoeneß's tax problems a big deal for the club as a whole? Is this even worth talking about? Please vote in the poll below.

We'll try to stay on top of this story as more details come out, but the details as you can imagine are rather complex. Thanks for reading.

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