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BFW update: New contributors and other things

Currently, we're in between Saturday's massacre of Hamburg and Tuesday's Champion League quarter final with Juventus. I wanted to take this time to go over some stuff that I deem important. If there's something that you want discussed, let me know. It is my desire to respond to each and every question and/or concern.

New contributors

Obviously, you have noticed the influx of new contributors. I've been a little overwhelmed by the number responses from those of you that are looking to contribute more to Bavarian Football Works, but I could not be happier. When I took over the site, I wanted more people involved to bring varying perspectives on all things FC Bayern. I truly believe that we're on our way to building an amazing staff of writers.

I know many of you are currently thinking, "Who are these people? I don't know anything about them!" We're planning on fixing that soon. This time next week, I expect to have a post up with an introductory piece from each writer, so you can get to know all of us better. It's important for us to do this since there will be several new writers on board.

Saying this, I realize that there are some concerns about losing some of the "closeness" that was developed previously with Phil Pierson being the only writer of the site. I understand those concerns; however, it's my belief that expanding the writing staff will make BFW better. Different fans are going to have different perspectives, and some will have a more big picture perspective, while others like to focus more on the technical and tactical features of the game. Our goal is to bring all of this to you moving forward.


I hope you noticed the storystream feature for Bayern vs Hamburg. This is one of the housekeeping things that I'm getting organized over the next few weeks. Every single matchday we're going to do a storystream. This will allow the preview, gamethread, report, and any other posting about any particular match to be organized in an easy to navigate thread.

We'll also be doing this for other things that will benefit from using it. This summer, I expect to have a fully dedicated storystream to transfer rumors, official transfers, etc. While the individual posts will still be available on the front page, the storystreams will make accessing and organizing them all a little easier.

Other odds and ends

Another thing that I will be working on over coming weeks is taking a more organizational approach to BFW. Each post will be categorized correctly and will be easier to find. I'm going to go back to the beginning of the move here to SB Nation and begin there. That way, if you're looking for a older post, they will be easier to find.

In the meantime...

While everyone gets ready for the match against Juventus tomorrow, be sure to check out two pieces that went up this morning from two of BFW's newest contributors.

Bayern flattens Hamburg with high pressure

Champions League: Bayern Munich vs Juventus | Preview

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