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Match Day Thread: FC Bayern vs. Fortuna Düsseldorf

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From Munich's Allianz Arena, Bayern will be putting the long unbeaten streak on the line. Players are finishing up their warm-up drills, and line-ups have been announced ...

Alex Grimm

For FC Bayern:


Ribery - Kroos - Müller

Gustavo - Schweinsteiger

Alaba - van Buyten - Boateng - Lahm


For Fortuna Düsseldorf:


Bellinghausen - Bolly - Lambertz

Tesche - Bodzek

van der Bergh - Malezas - Latka - Balogun


So, not much rotation for us, but good to see Dante get a rest. If Bayern can secure an early lead, I'd love to see Pizarro, Tymo, or Shaq get some minutes off the bench.

Viva viva FC Bayern!