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Bavarian Football Works is here to stay

The blog is under new management, and we're just getting started. Join us as we move forward.

Mike Hewitt

As I'm sure everyone has seen, Phil Pierson has decided that he no longer wishes to be apart of SB Nation. His post (here) announcing his decision will remain, as I don't feel that I have the right to delete the post. My plan is to leave it up on the front page of Bavarian Football Works through the remainder of the weekend before moving it off of the main page. Phil worked tirelessly to bring this blog to you and left big shoes to fill. I would like to wish Phil the best in the future and sincerely thank him for bringing a Bayern Munich blog to SB Nation. If, for some reason you were unaware, BFW is currently the only Bundesliga blog hosted at SB Nation, so it is a trailblazer.

With that said, BFW is not going away.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Phillip Quinn (Yeah, I know. "Another Phil?!". You can call me Phillip or Phil. Whatever you're comfortable with is fine with me.), and I'm a Bayern Munich supporter. I'm also the Bundesliga editor here at SB Nation. [On that note, be sure to check out SB Nation Soccer (here) and the SB Nation Soccer Bundesliga Hub (here) before leaving here today.] I've been lurking behind the scenes and reading everything that was posted here at BFW. When I read Phil's post yesterday, I immediately knew that I was unwilling to let BFW die.

The community here is a vibrant one, and the goal is to preserve it and help it flourish. As of this moment, I can only guarantee you one thing, and that is that I will be on the new writers here at BFW. I've already been in contact with a few people about joining the staff, and I hope that we will be able to build a solid cast to bring you everything FC Bayern München. My goal is to turn BFW in the preeminent English-language blog about Bayern.

In order to do that, I'm going to need your help. Yes... You. I don't know how Phil managed to do it as the only writer, but he turned BFW into a well-oiled machine. If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor here at Bavarian Football Works, please get in contact with me as soon as possible. Send an email to bavarianfbworks[at]gmail[dot]com, and we'll discuss it.

In the meantime, keep the discussion going on this weekend's game thread (here) [Actually, scratch that. Go here. I'll explain why in a detailed post that should be going up on Monday.). It was started by Crackity Bones as a Fan Post. As you can see, I've moved it from that little section over on the right to make it easier for everyone to find. In the future, I will make sure that our best Fan Posts get front page treatment here at BFW. So, head on over to the game thread as Bayern move closer to clinching our 23rd Bundesliga crown.

Mia san mia.

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