Bayern Vs. Hamburg Live Thread

Alexander Hassenstein

Hey everybody- I'm sure we've all seen the bad news (Phil leaving). I, for one, am very sorry to see him go, I've always really enjoyed his stuff. I also really love this site, although I only comment intermittently. If Phil finds a new home permanently, I'd be happy to follow him there, but until that happens, maybe we could all take a shot at continuing BFW with content we generate.

For instance, a live thread for tomorrow (and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE for the Juve match). Doesn't have to be this post (although it could) but if someone wants to just make a fan post, we could do our usual live comments. I'm a junkie for football talk, and the options outside this place are often pretty grim (Clark Whitney at Bleacher Report- which, no thank you- and whenever the English decide to ask Rapha Honigstein what's going on in the BuLi). Anyway, I think it'd be great if we could keep this place up and running a little while longer. Whatta ya say, guys?


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