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Going Dark

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Just what it says.

Good evening, guys. I ambled over to the main SB Nation site this evening, and came across the following:

And decided that I don't care to be involved with SB Nation anymore. I will truly miss this site - probably more than any of you realize, this has been one of the most enjoyable things I've ever had the chance to do - but I don't believe in mocking people on account of their race. And I'm white, and my wife is white, and we have a white daughter on the way. And I don't care to raise her to hate herself.

So, all the best, and count on the fact that I'll be supporting FC Bayern as we take home the treble this year. I'll probably be doing a lot more writing for Scott over at By Far the Greatest Team - you can read my articles at that site right here. As always, thanks for reading.