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Match Day Thread: Germany vs. Kazakhstan

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A Bayern player and an ex-Bayern player are combining to help Croatia beat Serbia: Mandzukic and Olic each have a goal, as Croatia leads 2-0. But the real action is in Kazakhstan, where Die Nationalelf look to extend their lead atop Group C.

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Germany Line-up:

Neuer, Schmelzer, Mertesacker, Hoewedes, Lahm, Khedira, Schweisnteiger, Draxler, Goetze, Oezil, Mueller

Kazakhstan Line-Up:

Sidelnikov, Kirov, Logvinenko, Gorman, Dmitrenko, Nurdauletov, Khairullin, Baizhanov, Schmidtgal, Dzholchiyev, Ostapenko

As suspected, no true striker for Germany, but either Muller or Goetze will likely be playing in the most forward role. Norway and Albania are set to kick off soon, plus a few more at the top of the hour.