CL Bracket Challenge 2nd Leg Predictions

And we are back with the 2nd Leg Predictions! You have until the first match to post your predictions. Newbies are free to join. All correctly predicted winners from the second leg are worth 1/2 point each. Thanks for tuning in! (PS: It made me go to 150 words until it told me I was free to post it).


Manchester United vs Real Madrid (March 5th)

Dortmund vs Shakhtar Donetsk (March 5th)

Juventus vs Celtic (March 6)

psg vs Valencia (March 6)

Schalke vs Galtasaray (March 12)

Barcelona vs Milan (March 12)

Malaga vs Porto (March 13)

Bayern vs Arsenal (March 13)

Posting Your Predictions

When posting your predictions, please make sure you either put the winners name in bold or you write it in all caps. I will use Bayern vs Arsenal as an example:

Bayern vs Arsenal


BAYERN vs Arsenal


Bayern vs Arsenal DRAW

Final Notes:

Please remember that you will need to post your predictions by the start of the first match (March 5th). You are free to change your predictions up until the start of the first match. Any questions? Ask below. Thanks!

Round of 16 Second Leg Participants:

  • KateL
  • Vrdo4ever
  • Cousin_Drew
  • sportsfan1
  • Gilly
  • Nishant33
  • Markopolo
  • tman10485
  • grudnik
  • HenryBayernMalta
  • Lavlinjer
  • Peopleschamp
  • Adebayo
  • Jolly Angus
  • Twinkle
  • BabyBrey
  • ChrisP31
  • Der Bomber
  • Ibonier

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