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FC Bayern's Next Champions League Opponent Will Be ...

Welcome aboard! It's one of the most exciting mornings in the football calendar. With 8 teams remaining in the UEFA Champions League, the governing body will draw lots to determine the quarterfinal match-ups.

Lennart Preiss

The ground rules:

- Unlike last round, there are no group or FA restrictions. Any club can be matched against any club.

- Each pairing will play a tie over 2 legs. Most total goals advances, with the first tie-breaker as away goals.

- This draw will determine ONLY the next round's match-ups. There will be another draw 2 days after the quarterfinals end to determine semi-final match-ups. We misrepresented this in the comment section of the last post, so we hereby stand corrected.

- Kevin has created the Champions League Draw Super-Group, which you can see here. Different posts from the Bayern, Real, Barca, and Juve bloggers are all going to populate that page over the course of the night and morning, so consider that your central repository.

Anyway, check in below before the draw and let us know who you'd like to see Bayern drawn against. This is NOT a scientific or rational way to feel ... but, personally, I could really see us winning decisively against any of the middle 3 (Juventus, PSG, and Dortmund). Those are all good teams with star players, I just think Bayern has more talent and more depth. Real Madrid and Barca, obviously, we want to avoid - not that we couldn't beat those teams (we certainly could), just that I'd love to avoid that tough match-up for now. Surprisingly, though, I'd also be worried about Galatasaray and Malaga. Couldn't you just see Galatasaray stealing an away goal, then holding us to 1 goal in Turkey with an all-defensive strategy, and stealing it with a late counter? I don't know, like I said, this isn't a scientific formulation, just a gut feeling. For some reason, I really think we'd match up well against PSG, so I guess I'm hoping to see them pulled.

Lerekusen preview will be up by tonight. Thanks for reading.

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