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International Day - Open Thread

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We all know what Clive Tyldesley would say :"nothing but pride on the line today, but these national sides and their supporters have plenty of pride." Throughout the world, a host of friendlies featuring some of the world's best players - and a few meaningful matches in Africa and North/Central America

Dennis Grombkowski

Germany vs. France is a big draw, although many of the regular are out with various maladies. Other interesting match-ups:

- Netherlands vs. Italy

- England vs. Brazil

- Spain vs. Uruguary

- Sweden vs. Argentina

- Belgium vs. Slovakia

- Honduras vs. USA

In North America, Die Nationalelf and Les Bleus will be on ESPN 2, Italy - Netherlands will be on ESPN Deportes, and several other matches will be streaming online at ESPN 3. England vs. Brazil will be on Fox Soccer and Fox Soccer HD.

As I write this, Croatia and South Korea are already in the 2d half, with Croatia holding a 2-0 lead (Bayern's Mario Mandzukic got the party started with a first half goal). If you're watching, sign in and let us know what games you're most excited about, and help us root against injury.