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Dortmund Management Deny Lewandowski Rumors

Where to even begin. OK, in no particular order ...

Dennis Grombkowski

(1) Bayern already has too many strikers. Not even "enough" - too many. Between Mandzukic, Gomez, and Pizarro, we have two genuinely elite-level strikers and a third that's pretty damn decent (all-time best non-German goal scorer in the Bundesliga). Keep in mind this is for a team that plays a 1-striker formation. And this is all before considering Müller at the striker position, which I still think deserves a shot.

(2) The entire Lewndoski-to-Bayern rumor apparently began with Sky Italia, a less-than-stellar source. No one else has been able to cite a named source. Note also that Sky Italia's original article doesn't even appear on their Calcio page anymore.

(3) If Dortmund did agree to sell Lewandowski, there's no way they's sell him to Bayern. Why would they? Sure, you could say "well, they'd rather get money than let him leave for free," but his contract doesn't expire for another year and a half. They'd surely try to convince him to move somewhere outside of Germany; even if they can't, they'd rather keep him for 3 more semesters rather than let him go to Bayern right now.

(4) The transfer period JUST ENDED. Remember, all those transfer rumor posts we did? Why don't you remind everyone when that took place, former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach?

(5) And, finally, Dortmund sporting director Michael Zorc has denied any move to sell Lewandowski, saying "[t]here is no new state of play. We will not comment on that ... We do not comment on rumors, no matter what they are like."

Is there a chance that this move could happen? I guess anything's possible. But this really, really feels like some stupid story that reporters made up to get readers to click through their site. My solemn promise: if this actually happens (meaning Lewandowski reaches a confirmed agreement to join Bayern anytime this month), I will not only admit that I was wrong and Sky Italia had the story right, but I'll write the next month for free, and donate the month's salary (meager as it may be) to a charity of the blog's choosing. Deal?

Germany vs. France preview tomorrow, check in before game time for a Match Thread for that one and all of tomorrow's other international matches. Thanks for reading.

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