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Match Day Thread: FC Bayern vs. Werder Bremen

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Live from the Allianz Arena, Bayern Munich attempts to keep the hot streak going. Will Bremen be the first side to take points from Bayern in 2013? Your line-ups:

Shaun Botterill

For FC Bayern:


Ribery - Shaqiri - Robben

Martinez - Gustavo

Contento - Dante - Boateng - Lahm


Man ... I was wrong, but a lot of you guys were even wronger.

For Werder:

Petersen - Arnautovic

Lukiyma-Mulongoti (that's one person) - de Bruyne - Hunt - Ignjovski

Zlatko - Schmitz - Proedl - Selassie


A lot of rotation for Bayern, but still a strong squad - Ribery, Gomez, and Robben forming the attacking trident, just like (moderately) old times.

Check back after the match for arecap and video highlights. Viva viva FC Bayern!