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Rekordmeister Podcast: Ribery Can Have My Awards, Too

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I talk with Bundesliga commentator Phil Bonney, and Michel Munger of FC Bayern Central about the week's most important topics, including recapping the recent matches.

Adam Pretty

First, we kick around the Augsburg Pokal match, which Phil Bonney had the play-by-play of on television, and more specifically the Hitz-Robben incident. Then, we talk about the league in general with Dortmund's ongoing injury issues and poor business decisions, along with Leverkusen's win at the Westfalenstadion.

In the second segment, Phil and I review the World Cup draw and what it means for Germany, then discuss the various FIFA awards that will be handed out in a few weeks. After that, the Manchester City and HSV matches are previewed before a look back is taken at FCB Frauen's first half of their season.

The show is in the player below, on iTunes, Stitcher, or right here.

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