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The Week in Words: December 2-8, 2013

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A big win in Bremen, a physical win in Augsburg, and potpourri during the week

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Adam Pretty

Hurricane Result in Bremen

"Today it was an honor to be a Manager here."

Pep Guardiola [Süddeutsche Zeitung]

"He’s succeeded in forming a team from 20 individuals, and he’s keeping them so happy and fit that every single one plays well when called upon. This is the hallmark of a great coach – and we have a great coach."

Uli Hoeneß []

"I said to the team that we need to concentrate ourselves quickly on Berlin."

Robin Dutt, Bremen Manager [Süddeutsche Zeitung]

Hard Fight in Augsburg

"It was a fiery game, full of emotion and aggression, so naturally we're delighted with the result."

Thomas Müller

"Playing football on a pitch in this condition wasn't all that easy. Perhaps we weren't energetic enough in certain situations. We're very happy to have won against worthy opponents."

Matthias Sammer


"One saw that Augsburg had a plan and wanted to meet us with hardness. That is alright."

Manuel Neuer

"Robben's injury is very bad news for us, for Arjen was unbelievable in the last weeks. I hope that he comes back soon..."

Pep Guardiola


Don't Talk About Dominance!

"The stupid discussion about dominance disturbs me. Moreover, that we would just win the games in passing. And already we will be certain as winners when we enter the park. This Discussion is on superficiality, not to surpass and totally hypocritical."

Matthias Sammer [Die Welt]

"I can absolutely understand Matthias Sammer's statement. We can also lose matches, and the day will come that we lose a match."

Uli Hoeneß

"We need to have the ability to stay focused. We win many games, then people might think that it is easy. But with every win, the next game will be harder. Every team in the world want to win against Bayern."

Pep Guardiola



"I played 80 minutes with a fractured rib."

Franck Ribéry on France's match against Ukraine [Canal + via Spiegel]

"We will not change anything, this is how we play well. European players do not follow Brazilian football, and that can be an advantage for us. When I played at clubs there I do not remember anyone watching Brazilian games.

"Guardiola knows Brazilian football pretty well, he has Brazilian friends. He has always had a lot of contact with Brazilian players, and would have a lot of information about football here. He will have a lot of videos, showing players."

Ronaldinho, Atlético Minero [ via ESPN FC]

"It is an extremely difficult job. You see that right now with Pep Guardiola, who is a brilliant manager, but even he does not have it easy. At the current time I wish not to be or become a manager."

Bastian Schweinsteiger [tz-online]

"We will go into the season's end very well prepared…We made mistakes; the strength had diminished. I hate loses, just like my players. It is important that we extract the right conclusion and we add again in the new year." Erik ten Hag []