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Dominant Bayern embarrass hapless Werder Bremen by seven goals

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Ribery, Müller star as Bayern get a Heynck-ian win in Bremen, stretching their league unbeaten run to 40 matches.

Adam Pretty

I was sort of struggling to come up with the right adjective for this match, but there are so many to pick from. Even so, I think a verb is more appropriate this time: Scoring.

Bayern put up a season-high 7 goals on Bremen today, while not conceding once. All of this, mind you, without Lahm, Robben, Schweinsteiger or Martinez. If you were to make a list of the most important Bayern players, your top-5 just may look like that with the inclusion of Manuel Neuer.

That this team was able to win against a first-division side, away, by 7 goals without 4 of their top 5 or 6 players is stunning.

Stunning that Bayern are so good- maybe the best ever- but stunning that Bremen are so bad. It wasn't five seasons ago that Werder were one of the main contenders in the Bundesliga, but oh how far they've fallen.

Bayern began scoring early and often, with three first half goals beginning in the 21st minute.

Well, actually Werder Bremen scored the first goal through Assani Lukimya, but into the wrong net.

Franck Ribery sent in a driven cross low and across the face of goal, but before it could reach a teammate it had been turned in by Lukimya.

Six minutes later, Bayern were awarded a free kick on the right side of goal near the endline. Toni Kroos' delivery into the box could not have been better and Daniel Van Buyten headed it home aptly to double the lead.

In the 32nd minute, Jerome Boateng was perhaps harshly booked for a bit of a non-foul or a dive, depending on how you look at it, and will be suspended for the HSV match next week as a result of this being his fifth yellow card this season.

The third goal came in the 38th minute, with Ribery again. Thomas Müller, after making a run down his right flank, picked out Ribery across the field on the break and the Frenchman made a fool out of Bremen's Wolf in goal for the 3-0.

The second half was even more prolific from the Bavarians, who scored four more to further embarrass Bremen in their home ground.

Müller and Ribery had a nifty bit of passing and movement on the hour mark, which allowed Ribery to freely send in a driven cross once again. This one was scored by a player in red, though, as Mario Mandzukic put Bayern up by four.


Eight minutes later, Müller got his goal (almost unnervingly normally) by side-footing a Götze cross into the net.

If you haven't realized by now, Bremen are perhaps not the best at defending crosses. And it would get even worse for them.


The sixth goal was a real beauty. Substitute Claudio Pizarro drew in two Werder defenders before expertly back-heeling it to Alaba, alone in space, who was able to find Ribery in the box for his second goal of the match.

To cap off the rout, Mario Götze scored the only goal that wasn't off a cross or squared ball as the match ended.

This was the first Bundesliga start for the Bremen goalkeeper Raphael Wolf, and something tells me he likely won't remember it too fondly.

The match had a chance of being postponed as of midweek, but the flooding in and around Bremen wasn't as severe as initially feared and the game went off as planned.

Bayern have Manchester City at home to wrap up their Champions League group stage portion of the tournament before hosting Hamburg in a week.

The Reds will gain a point or more on either Dortmund or Leverkusen or both as they play one another in the late fixture on Saturday.