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Bayern Munich 7 - 0 SV Werder Bremen | Instant Analysis

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Bayern Munich pounded Werder Bremen 7-0 at the Weserstadion. Some immediate notes.

Mitchell Gunn-US PRESSWIRE

Bayern Munich eviscerated, trounced, destroyed and made Werder Bremen look lame, sick, and dying at the Weserstadion. It wasn't even really a contest after the first half as Bayern Munich took the game by [insert cliche here] and just pounded Bremen flat.

Some immediate observations from today's clash at the Weserstadion

  • Werder Bremen came out and took this game to Bayern Munich. It's been a recurring pattern to defend and occassionally counter from Bayern opposition in the first half before turning on the attacking jets in the second half. Bremen came out firing on all cylinders trying to get an early lead and it worked until they conceded the Assani Lukimya own goal
  • Thomas Müller was incredibly impressive and it looks like he's finally figuring out how he best fits into Guardiola's system after a string of recent good halves manifested itself in today's match. His movement up and down the right wing and crossing ability were nightmares for the Bremen defense. A goal and 2 assists in vintage 2012/2013 Müller and it was a key component to their dominance.
  • Mario Götze was the definition of invisible in the first half. He had 26 touches, made a grand total of 19 passes and had 74% passing accuracy. He was fantastic in the second half though, his movement really giving the Bremen defense fits and getting the assist on Thomas Müller's 68' goal.
  • Bayern's sixth goal was a beautiful interchange between between Pizarro, Alaba and Ribery. I love Claudio Pizarro....some one hurry up and invent a time machine so we can bring past youthful Pizarro to the present. Science isn't doing enough to satisfy this need.
  • Franck Ribery was never injured. Or at least you couldn't tell he was ever injured. Either way Franck Ribery was a beast today with 2 goals and an assist
  • The Bayern Munich defense still has quite a few problems in stopping quality chances on goal. It's still the "throw bodies in the way last ditch defending" mode and it's at the point know where we need to be hoping Guardiola does an entire defensive re-tune over the winter break or the knockouts of the Champion League are going to be very nervy affairs.
  • This was the closest Bayern Munich looked to their dominance in attack of last season as they attacked fast, down the wings, and played both an aerial and ground cross heavy attack.

3 more points earned. Hoping for a Dortmund/Leverkusen draw in the next hour to take us 6 points up on Leverkusen and 9 points up on Dortmund.