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Werder Bremen-FC Bayern München is Still On After Hurricane

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Weserstadion not flooded after hurricane Xaver whipped through North Germany

Stuart Franklin

The between Werder Bremen and Bayern Munich is still expected to run after hurricane Xaver did not do the damage that the Werder Bremen crisis committee feared.

Bremen announced early Friday morning that the water level stayed below the dykes, and thus the weekend match at the Weserstadion could commence per usual.

"ALL-CLEAR! High tide will not breach the flood defences, #Werder and the Weserstadion are safe! Match vs. Bayern will take place"

With the Weserstadion in Bremen not far away from the Weser river in North Germany, officials from Werder Bremen feared that higher water levels would cause flooding in the stadium. They ordered an evacuation of the stadium yesterday.

Xaver was supposed to hit the area the worst between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning German time, according to reports. If the water levels had increased the water level more than 5.5 meters, the dykes along the river would not have been able to prevent the water from spilling over. Fortunately, the water level stopped 30 centimeters below the top of the dykes.

The interesting thing now will be how the storm will affect the pitch conditions. Werder Bremen urged their supporters to get to the ground early due to weather, according to, which means the club still expects somewhat inclement weather. With Philipp Lahm's injury coming in the cold, and with Arjen Robben and Bastian Schweinsteiger decreasing the squad depth as it is, the match conditions could prompt a change or two to Guardiola's starting XI.