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FC Bayern München II Lose Match Game Before Winter Break

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The mirror game for the reserves did not go to well as the kleine Bayern finish 2013 with a two match losing streak

Sebastian Widmann

Before the senior sides go at it in Augsburg, the reserve squads of Bayern Munich and Augsburg made up a game back in Munich.

It was Augsburg II that were victors on the road, scoring early and scoring late to bookend a 3-1 loss in FC Bayern II's last match before a three month break.

The kleine Fuggerstädter needed just two minutes to get ahead, when Bayram Nebihi dribbled around Leopold Zingerie in goal and scored.

"When one turns out a handicap so fast, it will be hard," manager Erik ten Hag told the club website. "There we gave out a gift."

Caleb Clarke doubled Augsburg II's money with an "inadvertent" tap in from close range 10 minutes later. Christian Derflinger brought FC Bayern II back within one with a free kick in the 68th minute, but Greg Kocsis restored the two goal deficit in the 85th off of a corner.

"The individual players had to play several matches in the past weeks and are at the limit," ten Hag said. "I am sure that we will operate again after the year change."

Julian Green and Pierre-Emile Højbjerg did not play yet again, an indicator that they would be available for team sheet selection. Mitchell Weiser and Vladimir Rankovic started on the rings, with Alessandro Schöpf in the middle next to Derfinger. Ten Hag tried to shake things up with the addition of Patrick Weihrauch for Rankovic.

Without a match until March, the reserve players will hope for a selection for the winter camp after the senior side returns from Morocco.