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The Week in Words: December 16-22, 2013

Reactions to the World Championship, interviews with Jupp Heynckes, Jérôme Boateng, Thiago, Dante and Uli Hoeneß, plus other words throughout the week.

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Lars Baron

Champions of the World

"Being able to add another trophy, especially this one, at the end of the year is amazing. We made it hard for ourselves today. The good part was that we went on to the pitch focused, wanted to score early and succeeded. We then failed to follow up, and let up on the pressure a bit. When we totally dominate our opponents for 35 minutes like we did today, it doesn’t make it easy for us players. We were aiming to play better than we did in the second half."

Philipp Lahm []

"The development is very fascinating. Everyone knew with Heynckes the way Bayern plays, and one could not defend it nevertheless. Guardiola now does it little differently, fills the space new. But one can still not defeat them."

Mehmet Scholl, ARD-expert [Abendzeitung]

"I am pleased for the club and am very proud of the players and the fans. Now we start a two-week break, and then we come back. We are very pleased, but we already look in the future."

Pep Guardiola [Abendzeitung]

Can I get an Interview?

"With Götze and Thiago, Bayern still got two young players. Many of these players like Alaba, Boaten, Neuer or Kroos have not reached their vertex. If one sees this Club direction, one can hold the Klub in  on a world class level the next years.

"I already grasped the resolution to stop in Summer 2012. I promised it with my wife at the time. At 68 is the time ripe that one should retire.

"I hope that [Schweinsteiger] is 100 percent fit for the World Cup. When he is healthy, he is a great player. We can only be World Champions with him in top form."

Jupp Heynckes [Sky90 via Bild]

"Dortmund has a very strong team, belongs with the best teams in Europe. The season is not very long gone. A comfortable lead is clear, but now it would be to soon to talk about the championship. We are not writing off Dortmund.

"We take Bayer very seriously. They played well in previous years, but sometimes they have dropped most or have not won in the important games. But now they win their games like in dortmund. One must count Leverkusen."

Jérôme Boateng [kicker]

"There is a lot of unbelievable strength here with much physical presence, what is a brand name of German football. It is different here than in the Primera Division. The competition here is to be estimated more highly, also the power density is higher. To win games is harder here."

Thiago [tz-online]

"I will be well prepared for the trial. And I am still of the opinion that the work of my advisers was OK when filing the voluntary disclosure and the verdict will be in line with this.

"We can no longer call it tax secrecy. And there is no celebrity bonus to be seen far and wide. You can rather talk about a huge celebrity disadvantage."

Uli Hoeneß [B5 via ESPN FC]

"Germany is my pick for the big favorite for the title. Together with us, the Spanish and Argentinians. There are very good teams present. For that reason I am very excited for the World Cup."

Dante [Die Welt]


"We achieved the prerequisites that it continues here with hard work. It always means, one can't always win. Why not? For us must the world powers become easy."

Matthias Sammer [Süddeutsche Zeitung]

"I still have no instant worries about my World Cup participation.

"Easy, slow running is possible, but it won't happen yet with the ball. That will take a little longer."

Bastian Schweinsteiger [Sport Bild]

"This final is for Jupp! He won the Champions League, and we are only here for that reason. I only need to win two games. The title will be for him. The same was valid for the European Supercup against Chelsea and the Supercup against BVB. It is all for Jupp."

Pep Guardiola [Sport Bild]

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