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Club World Cup: Bayern Munich vs. Raja Casablanca | Instant Analysis

That was way too stressful.

Steve Bardens

Bayern Munich get to hoist one more trophy this year. The FIFA Club World Cup statue is their fifth major trophy of the season (sixth depending on how important the Paulaner Cup is to you) and adds to an already overflowing trophy room. Their 3-0 deafeat of Moroccan champions Raja Casblanca was the cherry on top their dominant season. It started in the 8th minute as Dante delivered a thunderous ball into the host's net despite the home sides protestations of offside (he wasn't). 15 minutes later, Thiago made it 2-0 after a series of lively interchange in the box and a sweetly hit strike. What followed in the second half was a terrible display from the European Champions.

Some notes from the match:

  • Bayern Munich spent the first half on fire trouncing Casablanca and running rampant all over their backline. It was the dominant display we've all come to expect from this squad.
  • Thiago is fun and all but Götze and Müller are so much better in the false 10 role as the second attacking midfielder. Bayern's gotten away from that role in recent weeks and they've really suffered at times. This second half was one that could have really benefited from their influence aiding wings.
  • Casablanca came out in the second half, compacted their lines and specifically targeted the Bayern Munich left side just like Manchester City did last week. The extent to which Alaba bombs forward makes us very susceptible on that side and if their winger was a fast as Jesus Navas we would have been in even more serious trouble than we seemed to be for most of the second half.
  • At some point, we have to start being worried about the adjustments teams make at halftime. It's been a recurring theme for the last few months that Bayern Munich dominate in the first half and really struggle in the second half as the opposition adapts. At a certain point, Guardiola has to start tweaking game plans in the locker room to address the points where we can be exploited in the second half.
  • Bayern were extremely lucky not to concede one or two goals in the second half. This game was much closer to going to extra time then any of would probably like to admit. A 56' minute counterattack from Casablanca should have ended in a Casablanca goal. It was a fantastic cross and header from Madibe who really should have changed the entire dynamic of this game by making it 2-1. It was unfortunate that the header was directly at Neuer.
  • Ribery won the Golden Ball. He didn't deserve it. That honor should really have gone to a Raja Casablanca player.
  • The FIFA Club World Cup trophy is tiny. It needs to be bigger. If it was bigger it would mean more.

All said, though, Bayern Munich prevailed and get to hoist their 5th trophy of the calendar year at the Stade de Marrakech.

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