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FIFA Club World Cup: Bayern Munich vs. Raja Casablanca | Gamethread

This time it's for a statue! Cups are for lesser souls.

Steve Bardens

Location: Stade de Marrakech, Marrakesh, Morocco

Head: Sandro Ricci (Brazil)

Television and Streaming
USA: Fox Sports 2, Fox Deportes, FoxSoccer2Go
Germany: ARD, Das Erste, ADR Broadband
Other puny nations that fell earlier


FC Bayern München (4-1-4-1)


Ribery - Kroos - Thiago - Shaqiri


Alaba - Dante - Boateng - Rafinha


Substitutes: Starke, Raeder, van Buyten, Martinez, Mandzukic, Pizarro, Kirchoff, Götze, Weiser, Contento, Hojbjerg, Green

Raja Casablanca (4-4-2)

Iajour - Erraki

Moutouali - Chitibi - Hafidi - Guehi

El Hachimi - Oulhaj - Karrouchy - Belmaalam


Substitutes: Zaaari, El Had, Rahmani, Soulaimani, Dardouri, Coulibaly, Kachani, Madibe, Kouchame, Kanda, Jilani, Salhi

First Man: This one's for all the marbles!

Second Man: No, it's for a trophy.

F: Can we put the marbles in the trophy?

S: It's a statue, not a cup.

F: What the hell good is it if we can't drink Paulaner out of it?


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