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FCB Frauen lose home match despite attacking play

FC Bayern Frauen had a tough loss against FCR 2001 Duisburg over the weekend, which sees them slip 6 points behind leaders Frankfurt while 4th in the table just one week before the winter pause.

Matthias Kern

Before the match, Duisburg sat mired in the relegation positions on only 4 points through nearly half of the season, but the Lionesses didn't leave in the same condition they arrived.

The first half was all Bayern, as was much of the the second half, but Duisburg were nothing if not efficient.

On 65 minutes, FCR's captain Jennifer Oster recieved a defense-splitting pass from Sofia Nati on the right wing. Kathrin Längert met Oster on the right side of the penalty area, but Oster shot successfully around Längert for what would turn out to be Duisburg's golden goal, off of the far post and into the net.

Bayern's encouraging play was most apparent in the first half, when Wenninger and Hagen came extremely close to scoring crosses sent in from the right, but both chances proved to be only near misses.

Later, Clara Schöne took on the whole of the FCR defense only to shoot just wide.

After that, combination play from Vanessa Bürki, Sarah "Apple" Hagen, and Leonie Maier resulted in a cross that skid across the face of goal and was batted away by FCR's Petersen in goal. The parry was collected by Büki, whose squarred pass to Romert was turned on goal.

Unfortunately for the Bayern-Mädels, Romert's shot was right back to Petersen and the Reds would go to the half without a goal.

In the second period, Bayern nearly scored directly off a corner from Katharina Baunach, but the attempt hit the crossbar and Petersen's gloves, in no discernible order.

After the Duisburg goal, they began having the better of the chances but didn't convert again but managed to hold on for the narrow victory.

Bayern now sit fourth with 17 points from 9 matches.

They conclude the Hinründe away to Hoffenheim next weekend.

Highlights from the match, courtesy of, are below:

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