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David Alaba signs 3 year contract extension

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David Alaba is in all likelihood the best left back in the world. What's less uncertain is that he's going to be Bayern Munich's for the next 5 years as he signs a contract extension.

Alexander Hassenstein

David Alaba, the 21-year-old Austrian international and Bayern Munich left back, will be donning Bayern red through 2018.

The young star who already has a treble tucked neatly under his arms and an Austrian Sportsmen of the Year trophy will now get the pay day he deserves. David Alaba has been a virtual lock to get a contract extension as the extensions rumors have swirled in the past few weeks and his addition is a great news for the best team in Europe. As Karl-Heinz Rumenigge put it:

"David came to Bayern at 16 and has developed excellently since then," ... "Today he belongs to the best and most successful full-backs in Europe and we are very pleased to be able to count on his performances in the future."

BBC Sport

Here's to another 5 years with the Austrian and 5 more trebles. (Okay, maybe I need to dial back some of those expectations.) 4 more years and 5 more trebles!