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UEFA Champions League: Bayern Munich throw away two goal lead to Manchester City | Instant Analysis

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Bayern Munich took an early two goal lead against Manchester City but threw it all away in the second half to lose 3-2.

Lennart Preiss

Bayern Munich jumped all over Manchester City in the opening minutes and looked like they were on the way to another easy victory at the Allianz Arena.  Manchester City capitalized on some awful play from Bayern's centerbacks and handed the Bavarians their first loss of the season.

  • The first twenty minutes was a lot of dominant play, and it looked like Bayern were going to breeze to another massive victory. Thomas Müller finished a brilliant long ball from Dante, and Mario Götze cleaned up a loose ball in the box. A two goal lead after twelve minutes, some great football being played, and a shaky-looking Manchester City defense looked like the recipe for a big victory.
  • I'm a really big fan of strong, dominant Dante. I can really do without ball-watching, late-reacting Dante. While I'm sure that there is a couple players at fault for the breakdown here, Dante never moved to the ball until David Silva was well in front of him to score. Poor form, Dante.
  • Can we talk about the penalty quickly? I'll give James Milner a 9.5. That was a pretty good dive on zero contact from Dante. Of course, Aleksandar Kolarov converted the penalty.
  • HOLY WHIFF, JEROME BOATENG! What should've been an easy clearance from the centerback ended up being scored by James Milner. It's tough to win matches when your starting centerbacks combine for three big errors leading to easy goals for the opposition.

In the grand scheme of things as I look at this match, Manchester City did not beat Bayern Munich today. Bayern Munich beat Bayern Munich. After the opening twenty minutes, I feel like we can easily make the argument that this was the worst Bayern Munich performance of the last 18 months. Defensively, this team must quit "shutting off". The full recap will follow soon.