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Video: Supporters for Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich put on a show during amateurderby

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Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich supporters put on a show at the amateurderby between Bayern II and 1860 II.

You can read the entire match report written by our very own Ryan Cowper here.

No, the match didn't go as we wanted, and perhaps it is good for the reserves to go ahead and take that loss to snap them out of the weird funk they were in during a few of the recent matches. However, I stumbled upon this video on Twitter tonight, and I wanted to make sure that everyone managed to see it.

The video features supporters of both Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich during the amateurderby that took place on Wednesday at the Grünwalder Stadion in Munich. As one would expect from a video of Bayern and 1860 supporters, the video is loud with singing and bright with flares.

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