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Yearly Address Highlighted with Hoeneß Defense

The FC Bayern President lets loose what his camp perceives of the tax evasion, and CEO Karl-Heinz Rumminigge delineated his support

Alexander Hassenstein

With the whole front office speaking at the FC Bayern München annual address, Uli Hoeneß took his snipit of time to verbalize his camp regarding his tax-evasion trial in March.

He wasted no time, addressing the issue in part of his opening speech.

"I made a huge mistake. I did not declare capital returns abroad. I produced an amended tax return to three specialists, just like many many thousand people in Germany. It evolved into a dimension that I did not consider possible. My lawyers and I are under the impression that the amended tax return is effective.

"My family and I have until now . I want to thank FC Bayern with all my heart for what they did for me. I am unbelievably proud of that, what the club has done for me.

I have determined to call up an extraordinary general meeting in order to ask a question of confidence. I want to ask them the question, if I am the right president for the club."

"I will serve this club until I can't breathe anymore."

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The thing to keep in mind is that his tax-affair still has to go through a judicial process. Hoeneß could be innocent or guilty, but until then there is no reason to suspect he should step down.

Süddeutsche Zeitung articulated that the legal assessment of his amended tax return is what will decide the case, and it is still unknown how much of the back taxes is beyond the statue of limitation.

Hoeneß's diatribe was partially in response to the words concluding Karl-Heinz Rummenigge's speach. The FC Bayern CEO projected his support for his former teammate, talking more about a comrade than a co-worker.

Translated (the best I could):

"I experienced Uli in Wembley. Loud and Proud. It made me happy just the same, like Lahm when he raised the [Champions League] Trophy. And friendship shows itself by problems and when someone is together.

"If I see it in such a way that it pays homage to Uli Hoeneß, then I have the impression that I am not alone as his friend. The whole FC Bayern is his friend.

"I find it a big sign of loyalty that FC Bayern could not be irritated. That was also a big sign for the team. That was a sign of solidarity and loyalty.

"That someone also in a tough time holds it together, I want to thank all of you for that. That is great. I wish Uli Hoeneß that the story goes good for him."

The crowd responded with resounding applause. All but a few out of their seats, the fans wearing loyalty not just around their neck, on their heads, or on their shirts.

Applause found the Bayern president a few times throughout the proceedings. Hoeneß could only try to contain his emotions by wiping his eyes with his thumb and pointer-finger.

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