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The Week in Words: November 4-10, 2013

Guardiola verbalizes his record reaction, Sammer explains Schöpf and Green contracts, and Uli Hoeneß assesses Guardiola's adjustment to Germany.

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Alex Grimm

Breaking the Record

"The Record is unbelievable. It is not easy, to stay 37 games with out a loss. Congratulations to the club. I have mentioned, above all in the second half, that every game is a lesson for me, to understand my team. Dortmund will be a good, good test for us and our level. "

Pep Guardiola, FC Bayern München Manager

"Naturally I am enormously pleased with the goal and that we broke the record. We must say Congratulations on the entire FC Bayern and also on Jupp Heynckes"

Jerome Boateng, Defender

[Süddeutsche Zeitung]

Bastian Schweinsteiger's Re-Operation on His Ankle

"I hope that after the operatioin I can play football completely injury-free again. I tried again and again, but am back at a point a surgical operation can't be avoided"

Bastian Schweinsteiger, Midfielder

"I am sad for him. He has really helped us until now, also when he played with problems in his ankle."

– Pep Guardiola

"I hope and wish that Bastian can play complaint-free subsequent to the re-operation on his ankle. Then I am sure that he will begin on his old capacity for FC Bayern and in the National Team. He is a strong factor for us, also in regards of the World Cup in Brazil"

– Joachim Löw, German National Team Manager

[Die Welt]

Professional Contracts for Alessandro Schöpf and Julian Green

"Alessandro and Julian are two big talents that can make a path in professional football. We are happy, that we can tie both of these junior national players to FC Bayern.

"The professional contracts again are the reward for their ambition and the fantastic accomplishments that they showed in the reserve team."

– Matthias Sammer, FC Bayern München Sport Director

[Bild | Sport]

Green's International Future

"I feel honored for the USA call-up, but they came too soon for me. I have not met my final decision for Germany or USA. That topic for me is still open."

– Julian Green, Forward

[Bild | Sport]

Potpourri after Plzen

Team Performance

"Everything is not always easy. It was not easy last season also. But no one thinks that anymore, that is a phenomenon. If older football players remember in their youth, then they also mean to not lose a match."

Philipp Lahm, Defender

[Die Welt]

Guardiola's Assimilation to Germany

"Guardiola at the beginning was maybe under the impression that one could also play without a middle striker, but now he very probably respects that there is this Plan B with one Mario Mandzukic. That is the big difference between our play and Barcelona. They have a Plan A that is perfect, but rather fewer Plan B. like we had determined in the two games against each other. If we need a man for the pry, then we have that with Mandzukic and I don't want to miss him.

"He is a great guy, who puts a lot of worth on his privacy. He did not have great experiences in the past because what bad went around with the people in Spain. For that reason, one must first get back a certain confidence. Such things like on the bench for example: That someone sits there, under the eyes of the Journalists and others, he is not familiar with that. Something like that became inconceivable for him. That someone after the game with the team, the fans, drinks a beer or a wine, in addition to what one eats, that has become a culture shock for him."

– Uli Hoeneß, FC Bayern München President


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