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Thiago to resume training in 2-3 weeks following second surgery

Thiago Alcantara underwent a second successful surgery and may return to training in 2 to 3 weeks

Alex Grimm

Seven weeks after a undergoing surgery for a right syndesmosis tear, Thiago Alcantara again went under the knife.

As part of his recovery process the 22-year old Spanish international had a screw removed from his right ankle and can now begin the final stage in his recovery before resuming training. While initial estimates at the time of his original injury in late August put the return time at seven weeks, this latest information adds up to a timeline of 9-10 weeks for repair and rehab before he can even begin training - longer than originally anticipated.

At this point, 2-3 weeks might even be too optimistic as the Spaniard is currently in a boot and on crutches, signifying the leg is incapable of actually bearing weight. With the rehab required and the return to fitness, it's not unreasonable to question whether or not Thiago will even be capable of playing before early to mid-December. At that point, there's really no reason to rush him back with the winter break weeks away.

With the depth this squad has in central midfield along with the recent return of Mario Götze (we're still awaiting a return of Javi Martinez to the pitch), this Bayern squad should be able to maintain a healthy and normal rotation in the first half of the season without Thiago - provided the injury bug doesn't flair up again for this team.

EDIT: According to the team site, Thiago is out of the boot which he was wearing in recent weeks. At this time, the leg was non-weight bearing. Normal rehab starts now.

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