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Rumor: PSG have their eye on Arjen Robben

Arjen Robben is on the radar of the French giants who are looking to add a wide left midfielder this winter.

Alexandra Beier

L'Equipe is reporting that the newly minted French giants Paris Saint-Germain are looking into Germany with envious eye's as they seek to add a new left midfielder this winter with a shortlist including Bayern Munich star Arjen Robben. It's worth noting that this is an exploratory listing as they also reportedly are interested in Marco Reus or Julian Draxler.

First, L'Equipe is a source worth considering. They certainly aren't a rag like The Sun and yet at the same time they aren't the BBC or Kicker, so consider what they say, but don't run out into the streets with "Repent ye sinners, for Robben is leaving and the world's end is nigh" signs.

Of course, the Bayern Munich midfielder is always a popular target for speculation given his track record with teammates and coaches and his prodigious talents.  That being said this would be an interesting move from PSG as Robben has not looked comfortable playing on the left side of midfield this season. He has played there on a consistent basis while with the Netherlands, but in this Bayern squad he has looked much better and more comfortable as an inverted winger cutting in on that deadly left foot. Of course, that's no surprise to anybody who has watched him during his career.

To douse this rumor even more, there are some serious questions swirling around PSG and their ability to comply with UEFA's FFP regulations, so committing what would most likely be north of €30M to sign Arjen Robben is somewhat laughable. It's even more silly given that Pep Guardiola has repeatedly expressed an enormous confidence in Arjen Robben (despite all the ridiculous penalty-no-penalty drama) and that jumping ship from the Champions of Europe would require either not having a good relationship with your coach and teammates, or being offered more money then God to leave. The latter sounds like something PSG would do though.

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