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Claudio Pizarro says "Hello" to the Department of Injury

Peruvian international Claudio Pizarro will be out 4-6 weeks with a thigh tear

Alexander Hassenstein

It has been a frustrating few months as Bayern Munich players have dropped like flies due to injury. Mario Götze out two weeks: Bastian Schweinsteiger out a month: Thiago Alcantara out three months: Xherdan Shaqiri out nearly two months: Dante out two weeks: Javi Martinez out nearly three months now.

AND NOW WE GET TO ADD ANOTHER PLAYER TO THE INJURY LIST! This time it's the 35 year old Peruvian international and depth striker Claudio Pizarro who gets to spend some time on the lame, sick and dying sheet.

After a nearly 20' appearance in yesterday's 5-0 rout of Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League, Pizarro showed up at practice and promptly suffered what the team has termed a "right anterior thigh tear" (for those of you playing the "spin and turn, I forgot my anatomical demarcations" game, anterior is forward facing); most likely the quadricep although you could pick another muscle in the anterior thigh and I'd probably give you even odds.

The team doctor's are estimating he'll be out four to six weeks, which puts his return - let's see - oh, guess what? Probably right before Bayern enters winter break.This is extremely frustrating, even if solely from a reduction in the awesome hair department, as this has just been a nightmare season of injuries so far for this Bayern Munich squad. The concerns earlier in the season of how Pep was going to fit all these fantastic players into the same squad and not potentially end up with a playing time mutiny have morphed into who's going to be the next to fall down and go boom (and please let it be in a position we have depth in!)?

Luckily Pizarro is solely a depth piece and his absence just opens the door for more Thomas Müller at striker, which in some ways is like saying Christmas came early.

Also, according to the same report Thiago Alcantara started running today. He ran for 15 minutes. (/blows kazoo halfheartedly)

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