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Xherdan Shaqiri injury worse then anticipated; out six to seven weeks

Xherdan Shaqiri original two week injury timeline has been extended to six to seven weeks for recovery as he has been diagnosed with a right rear thigh muscle tear.

Lars Baron

In what was originally anticpiated to be a two to three week shelving, Swiss international Xherdan Shaqiri and Bayern fans worldwide received terrible news when Bayern team doctor Hans-Wilhelm-Müller-Woflhart examined the 22 year old midfielder.

Xherdan Shaqiri has been diagnosed with a right rear thigh muscle tear; what is most likely a hamstring tear. While there are other muscles in the back of the leg, the hamstring is the most prominent, the most important, and the most often injured. So in the course of his rehabilitation expect the usual caveots associated with these types of injuries: longer healing time then anticipated: lingering effects well after the injury has healed. At least he might get to celebrate Oktoberfest unfettered now.

Of good(or is this bad?) news to note is that Xherdan Shaqiri has suffered this type of injury before in his left thigh when he was younger and returned rather quickly.

"Ich hatte schon mal einen Bündelriss, damals im linken Oberschenkel. Und anschließend bin ich relativ schnell wieder gesund geworden. Darauf hoffe ich auch diesmal."

Translated (Google Translate):

I had already had a bunch of crack, then in the left thigh. And then I became healthy again relatively quickly. I sure hope this time. "

Regardless of the time it takes him to heal, it should be pretty clear the Bayern Munich is going to be without the services of Shaqiri through at least the end of November to early Decemeber. In that time, Bayern plays 4 Champions League matches and 1 Pokal match in addition to their weekly Bundesliga fixtures. If ever there was a time this team needed depth in the wide midfield positions this is it and it's suddenly looking very scary out there.

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