Winter Transfer Discussions

So as not to clutter up other discussions with any winter transfer news, I figured we could use a separate place to evaluate any moves that are being made during this winter transfer window.

Although there are differences in the exact dates of when this window is open, depending on which country's league we're talking about, generally speaking, it lasts through all of January. Here are the specifics, according to Wikipedia.

Obviously, the biggest news right now is Demba Ba agreeing on a contract with Chelsea (I wonder what happens to Fernando Torres now).

On the Bundesliga front, the news that Lewis Holtby has signed a contract for next season with the Tottenham Hotspurs is grabbing the headlines in Germany.

As far as Bayern goes, they just announced that they signed Jan Kirchhoff, a CB from Mainz 05, who will join the club in the summer (but there are rumors that he may come earlier).

Feel free to add and discuss other transfer news.

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